Ownership and Funding

The Indian People was established by Mr. Rishabh Srivastava and Gagandeep Mittal in 2017. When it comes to journalism, The Indian People is a name you can trust. Reporters, editors, and journalists of our website go to great lengths to bring you coverage of events both at home and abroad.

No one should feel obligated to give us money. To offset the costs of running the business, we have partnered with a number of ad networks to display advertisements on our website.

Our reporting is not influenced by business or government interests. To prevent the impression of a conflict of interest, we do not take any kind of compensation for services, including travel. When we use a company’s service or attend an event thanks to their sponsorship, we make that fact clear in the text of the piece in question. A firewall separates the newsroom from the sponsors and advertisements.

As a privately owned website, The Indian People is a legal entity in its own right. The Indian People Facebook page, The Indian People Twitter account, The Indian People Instagram account, The Indian People Linkedin account, and The Indian People YouTube channel are all owned by the same website owners.

We have thorough accounting systems in place and are in full compliance with the Indian business legislation. The relevant data privacy rules are likewise followed by us.

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